1)Grandmamas mix green salad
(Cheese cream mykonian,pomegranate,poppy seed and balsamic sauce)
2)Rusk with fresh cherry tomatoes and xinotino (mykonian special flavor cheese,capers and oregano)
3)Grilled pita bread with halloumi cheese,fresh tomato and honey
4)Zucchini balls with Tzatziki
5)Roasted potatoes in the oven
6)Mix Grilled meat
(Chicken sticks,Greek sausages,pork steak,kebabs,lamp chops)
Fresh fish grilled
Fresh bread-pita bread
1)sweet of the day
2)fruit plate

Greek menu Lunch or Dinner..
Greek salad .
Grilled vegetables
Zucchini and tomato balls
Feta saganaki(greek style with πŸ… and 🌢
Lamp or chicken in the oven with roasted potatoes πŸ₯” lemon sause.
Moussaka( eggplant πŸ† potatoes πŸ₯” minced meat tomato πŸ… sause)
Gyros (chicken..or pork) pita handmade bread tomatoes πŸ… onion πŸ§… and tzatziki fried potatoes )as the greek style.
BBQ mix meat gigas plate(chicken fillet.pork steak.veal steak.sausages.beef burger. Eggplant spicy salad or paprika sauce)pita handmade bread.
Fresh grilled 🐟 fish
Fresh fried squid πŸ™
Potato salad and boiled mix vegetables

Special Grandmamas breakfast menu:
Omelette with vegetables πŸ…
Pancakes πŸ₯ž with banana 🍌
Croissants πŸ₯
Crepes salty and sweet
Day pie πŸ₯§
Eggs fried and bacon 🍳πŸ₯“
White eggs with oatmeal
Honey 🍯
Home made Marmalade
Salmon with avocado and crisp bread
Special green salad πŸ₯—
Fresh bread πŸ₯–
Coffee β˜•οΈ
Tea 🍡
Fresh milk πŸ₯›
Greek yoghurt
Fresh orange juice or fresh mixed juice

Breakfast simple and healthy…
Detox fresh juice beetroot-carrots-apple- ginger.
Fresh 🍊 orange juice
Tea ( mountain ⛰️ tea)
Coffee β˜•οΈ Almond milk. Soya milk.
🍯 honey and nuts..
Cottage cheese and almond yogurt
Fresh fruit plate
Fresh wholemeal 🍞
White omelete (with spinach )
Healthy scrambles
Oat flakes
Oat crepes(salty)
Smoke Salmon plate (crispy brown bread and guacamole avocando cherry tomatoes πŸ….
Green salad πŸ₯— (with chia linarade black beans).